Welcome1 St Andrews Canada Day 2017

St. Andrew’s Memorial Presbyterian Church

Located at the base of the historic Credit River, St. Andrew’s Memorial Presbyterian Church was established in 1890 in what is now the City of Mississauga. Our beautifully- kept church and grounds present a welcome sight to all visitors and a respite for those looking for a church family.

St. Andrew’s has a vibrant congregation with many Committees and groups which add to the spiritual nourishment of its congregants and the surrounding community by sharing His love and spreading The Word to others through several annual events. Praise and worship at St. Andrew’s is spiritually rewarding and a true fellowship experience. There is joyful singing from a choir accompanied by a wonderfully restored Casavant Pipe Organ which enhances and enriches the service.

It is hoped you enter not as a stranger, but as a guest of God and that your time with us be a happy and fulfilling one.

Upcoming Events