Bible Study

come-join-our-bible-study-clip-artThis is a time of friendly fellowship
where we together explore God’s Word.

Our aim is to learn how the Bible applies to our
everyday lives as we study together. 

Please feel free to join us. 


Thursdays at 10 am in the Heather Room, for more information contact Ida Human at 905-469-2908.

Have a Question for God?

We all do. Some of us may have more than one. In the Bible we find the answers to some of our questions but we also find something else. We find the questions that Jesus asked. Yes Jesus asked some pretty tough questions. Questions that applied to those he was with, but also to us today. Jesus taught and challenged people in an incredible way and continues to do so today through the Bible. Want to find out what some of these questions are? Come join us as we study a few of the questions Jesus Asked. This 5-week study will be our focus starting Thursday March 30 till April 27. Please feel free to join us in the Heather Room on Thursday mornings at 10:00 for theses discussions on “Questions Jesus Asked”