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I have been talking with Carol Hart ( as has Andrew). Don has been in the Trillium Hospital with swollen legs. His iron levels are very high and of course there are fears of blood clots. Carol has been at his side every day but now they’ve closed down the hospital to ALL visitors because of covid- 19 so all she has to communicate with him is a cell phone. He is very weak and she can’t hear him much. You can really help with your prayers for Don, and for Carol and their family. Please don’t call the hospital (more…)

Prayer Requests

God may not answer your request just as you requested as God is not a vending machine. But here’s where your hope is: He loves you. He hears you. He is working for your good. You can trust Him in your concern. Now you need to release your will to his will by praying this simple prayer, the same prayer that Jesus himself prayered: “Not my will Lord, but your will.” When you believe, trust, and then rest in God’s great love for you, know that a miracle is coming your way because: 1. You can trust God. 2. God (more…)